Washing machine vibrations

If the washer is shaking during the spin cycle, then it is likely to be misbalanced. At first, there may be no problems other than a strong vibration. However, if this issue is ignored, then, over time, the washing machine may fail altogether.

What are the reasons why a washing machine shakes and shifts during spinning?

In cases when the washing machine is shaking violently, you need to find out why it happens. There may be several reasons:

• the machine is standing on an uneven surface;

• the machine is too light compared to the weight of the load;

• the legs of the washer got unscrewed, and it has lost its stability;

• the tank’s shock absorbers failed;

• parts separated from the drum;

• a failure of the counterweight or its attachment;

• the bearing got worn out;

• the temporary bolts in the drum that hold it in transit have not been removed.

What to do to fix the shaking?

The most unpleasant cause is failed bearings. They can deteriorate from high humidity and then damage various parts inside the machine.

When the bearings are worn out, the machine starts working with a screech, and then there is a vibration during the spin cycle. In this case, you should not continue using the machine. Fixing this type of damage can only be done by a qualified repairman.

If a brand new machine shakes, it makes sense to check the level of the floor and the presence of temporary shipping bolts. The machine should be standing on a flat and stable surface.

In the case when an old machine shakes, you need to check its individual components that are likely to fail first. The easiest action is to check and fix the legs. If they are okay, check the condition of the shock absorbers.

The shock absorbers can be easily replaced if required. The next step is to check the counterweights. They may simply need to be secured better, but in some cases a replacement is required.

If you could not figure out the root cause of the shaking, then you need to call a repair company. It should be noted that even though a failure leading to strong vibrations might be insignificant in itself, any serviceable parts suffer from bouncing, which will inevitably lead to costly repairs.